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Meet Our Team


These unique singing retreats are run by folk duo Suthering (Julu Irvine and Heg Brignall). Julu and Heg facilitate the entire weekend for you; from the meals to the workshops to walks and their joyful evening song shares in the evenings. 


On most retreats they are joined by trained yoga teacher Richie Dobson who provides morning yoga classes, meditation and also cooks your food for the weekend.


Combining their music and science backgrounds, Julu and Heg will be teaching you songs throughout retreat; from the more formal workshops which incorporate singing technique and more complex harmony singing to the casual evening song shares with easy choruses that you can join in with. They pool together their extensive music backgrounds in singing teaching, composing, choir directing and performing and create a weekend of workshops which will enable you to explore your voice, learn new tips to help you sing with ease and enjoy singing folk songs in harmony.


As touring musicians, Julu and Heg bring their wealth of experience in singing to help you understand your voice, what can restrict your sound and simple tools to help you sing more freely. They have a friendly, inclusive approach to teaching with an energy and enthusiasm that creates a safe, non-judgemental space for you to explore your voice. 

Richie is an integral part of the team, teaching yoga sessions each morning and cooking delicious, homemade food for you. Richie has a background in theatre and music and studied yoga in New Zealand where he became a qualified instructor. Richie has a gentle approach to yoga and designs his sessions with singing in mind, preparing the body, releasing tension and opening the breath. Richie is careful to make the yoga classes accessible to all ages and abilities, supporting everyone in the class with guidance on each posture and how to do them safely.


The whole team work hard to create a safe bubble over the weekend with a firm ethos of respect and inclusivity. The weekend is as much about coming together and connecting with each other as it is about learning songs and the team are there to ensure that you have a wonderful time and have everything you need.

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The retreat team wouldn't be complete without Julu and Heg's beloved dogs, Bogi (rhymes with doggy) and Lotti. Bogi and Lotti are rescue dogs from Hungary.


Bogi is the sweetest dog with a lovely, friendly nature. She loves to run as fast as she can and occasionally runs off with a slipper! Lotti is a hilarious, joyful little dog who provides much entertainment wherever she goes! 


Either one, or both dogs, will be staying with the team. They are kept separately from all workshops and meal times, but make an appearance around the house and on walks. 

A big warm welcome from all of us on the team and we hope to see you on a retreat soon! 

Heg, Julu, Richie, Lotti and Bogi x

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