Meet Our Team

Heg Brignall

Co - Director

Heg is a Bristol based musician, songwriter, arranger and choir leader. Heg studied at Dartington College of Arts in Devon and received first class honours in 2008 for her Contemporary Music Performance degree. There she found a interest in contemporary a cappella singing and began arranging  for voices. Heg started the retreats in 2016 as a way to bring people together in a communal setting; to provide a space where singers and musicians can explore their voices, learn new songs and singing technique and meet new people in a friendly and inclusive environment. 


Heg is director of The Great Sea Choir, writes her own music and performs with Heg & The Wolf Chorus and various other projects, arranges for choirs and teaches singing in Bristol.


At the retreats Heg runs the singing workshops and facilitates the evening song shares. She has a passion for working with voices in harmony, injecting this passion into her teaching with energy and fun, incorporating techniques to help develop harmony singing skills and vocal ability.


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Julu is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who became a director and an integral part of the FSR team in 2017. She writes and performs her own music and performs within several vocal groups.


Julu will be running singing workshops, teaching songs and facilitating the evening song shares. Julu oversees the weekends alongside Heg bringing her extensive musical knowledge and singing experience to the retreat. Julu is currently working on various musical projects from her Bristol based studio and and will be touring her music in 2018.


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Julu Irvine

Co - Director