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Photo by Pete Axford

What is a singing retreat anyway? 

Suthering's folk singing holidays are engaging, invigorating and energising weekends where you are invited to retreat away from the outside world for one purpose; to SING! Julu and Heg create a magical, closed bubble where you can explore your singing, build your confidence and get out into the great outdoors. The retreats run out-of-season, offering a cosy alternative to summer singing camps. 


Early morning yoga or breath-work sessions set you up for a day of harmony singing. Daytime workshops explore singing technique, breathing, how to tune in and blend with other singers and learning how to find ease in your body and voice. 

Julu and Heg bring their own unique a cappella choral arrangements of folk songs to teach you. They include a varied mix of music on each retreat, all centred around traditional and contemporary folk music. From rounds and loops songs which are instantly gratifying and easy to learn, to more complex choral arrangements which aim to challenge and improve your singing. Scores are provided for those who can read music but don't worry - all music is taught by ear so you absolutely don't need to have any prior experience to be able to join in with all parts of the workshops. 

The evenings are a chance for informal singing; from magical evening improvisation sessions in the dark to song shares, instrument sessions and sing-a-rounds. From sea shanties to silly, cumulative songs to air-punching pirate songs, ballads and so much more. Anything goes! Evenings are also a chance to share a song with the group if you would like to. 

During your stay you'll have all your meals cooked for you. Our hearty, home-cooked vegetarian food is simple but nourishing and evening meals include a glass of wine or a delicious non-alcoholic alternative. Meal times are a chance to reflect on the day and get to know each other more.

Whether you are a keen singer, musician, choir-goer or have always wanted to try singing, these retreats are the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in music in a relaxed, friendly environment with one of the UK's top folk duos. 



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