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Food and dining

All your meals are lovingly home-cooked by our team and are entirely vegetarian. Don't let that put you off if you're a meat eater! All the meals are hearty, filling and full of flavour. The menu changes on each retreat and evening meals range from crispy, oven-baked jacket potatoes with vegetarian fillings and salads, to delicious pasta dishes, to curries complete with poppadoms and chutney.


We provide a cooked breakfast as well as a help-yourself station with granola, muesli, fresh fruit and yoghurt. 


At lunch we enjoy a bowl of delicious, home-made soup and hot, crusty rolls. 

Dining together is all part of the communal experience on the retreat. We eat together as a group, creating a social and bonding experience as we eat. Mealtimes are often buzzing with positivity and energy after the singing workshops and are a chance to get to know the other people in the group. 

A glass of wine is provided at dinner and you are welcome to bring your own alcohol for the evenings if you wish. 

Dietary requirements

We are able to cater for vegans and gluten and dairy intolerances. We also provide the option for non-dairy milk preferences with breakfast and tea/coffee. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that cross contamination of foods will not occur since we cook in a very small kitchen. 

For any serious allergies or more complicated needs, you will need to speak to someone on our team before booking to check whether we are able to accommodate you. 

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