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Each retreat is built on a foundation of mutual respect and acceptance. Collectively we aim to create a space which is supportive and encouraging. For some people, coming to a retreat and sharing songs can feel like a nerve-wracking experience and singing in front of new people can be a big barrier to overcome. The team are mindful of this and will be there to ensure that as a group, we create a welcoming and friendly environment together, that allows all participants to feel secure and heard. 


Our retreats are open to anyone and are founded on respect and trust. We treat everyone equally, with fairness, dignity and respect and without discrimination based on gender, race, sexuality, religion, disability or age. We welcome all ages and abilities; our retreats are designed so that complete beginners can join in and are also valuable for more advanced singers who want to explore their singing.


At the heart of our singing holidays is a desire to bring people together; to create music, to help you explore your voice and to encourage you all to celebrate your differences. We help you build confidence and facilitate a space where you can meet new people and make new friendships. 

Affordable Singing Holidays

At a time when the cost of living is higher than ever, we are committed to keeping the cost of our holidays competitively low so that we can offer spaces to a wide range of people from different backgrounds. This means the holidays are less about luxury accommodation and more about creating amazing singing experiences with a fantastic group of people. 

Every retreat is a technology-free-zone, giving participants a chance to take a break from the relentlessness of technology and communication, allowing everyone to be present in the moment throughout the weekend. This means that all communal areas are free from phones, tablets, laptops and screens of any kind. This helps us create that closed bubble where magic happens! 

"Heg & Julu’s singing retreats, from the moment you arrive, allow you the luxury of putting your life on hold as the group immerses itself in forming new friendships, learning beautiful harmonies, sharing delicious food and making wonderful memories. Richie’s relaxing yoga starting the day & the walks are an added bonus to the open, sharing atmosphere that Heg & Julu create: it felt so safe & healthy to release your emotions. I absolutely love the retreats, we all leave feeling incredibly uplifted but a definite feeling of sadness that the weekend is over…when can I go again?!"



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